Moles in your yard?

While your neighbors are setting traps, or putting out poison bait, or trying to drive their moles to your yard with castor oil or chewing gum, you, with Papa's MOLE POLE, can have already killed your moles and be watching the ball game.

Papa's MOLE POLE is the only aggressive, offensive, hands-on weapon on the market for destroying moles.

 •  Kills the moles in the ground, when you're ready.
 •  Forty-four needle-sharp spikes penetrate ground along the tunnel and impale the moles.
 •  Papa's MOLE POLE aerates the area, flattens the tunnel and helps your lawn heal.
 •  Most moles die in the ground so there is no carcass for disposal.
 •  Papa's MOLE POLE is hand-made in America with built-in quality and ruggedness.
 •  Papa's MOLE POLE, properly used, should last for years.
 •  Guaranteed to kill moles.

Terms of Use and Instructions

Reclaim your lawn!!        MOLE POLE

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Punch a hole in a mole.